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1 Blacktown C. VS Sydney Utd.   Sunday
2 Central Coast M. VS St George C.   Sunday
3 Manly Utd. VS Leichhardt   Saturday 
4 Marconi S. VS Spirit FC   Saturday 
5 Rockdale C. VS Bulls A.   Sunday
6 Sutherland S. VS W. Sydney W.   Saturday 
7 Sydney O. VS Mt Druitt T.   Saturday 
8 Wollongong W. VS Sydney FC   Sunday
9 Canterbury B. VS Inter Lions   Saturday 
10 Blacktown Sp. VS Hakoah S.   Saturday 
11 Central Coast U. VS Bonnyrigg W.   Saturday 
12 Dulwich H. VS Hills Utd.   Saturday 
13 MacArthur R. VS Mounties W.   Saturday 
14 Northern T. VS Dunbar R.   Saturday 
15 Rydalmere VS St George FC   Saturday 
16 SD Raiders VS Bankstown C.   Saturday 
17 Olympic FC VS Lions FC.   Sunday
18 Redlands U. VS Gold Coast U.   Sunday
19 Sunshine Coast W. VS Moreton B.   Sunday
20 Albany C. VS Sunshine Coast   Saturday 
21 Mitchelton VS Capalaba   Sunday
22 Surfers P. VS Southside E.   Sunday
23 SWQ Thunder VS Brisbane S.   Sunday
24 Altona M. VS Oakleigh C.   Saturday 
25 Bentleigh G. VS Hume C.   Saturday 
26 Moreland C. VS Dandenong T.   Saturday 
27 N. Geelong W. VS Heidelberg U.   Saturday 
28 Pt Melbourne S. VS S. Melbourne   Saturday 
29 St Albans S. VS Avondale   Sunday
30 Eastern L. VS Brunswick C.   Saturday 
31 Kingston C. VS Dandenong C.   Sunday
32 Langwarrin VS Manningham U.   Saturday 
33 Melbourne C. VS Werribee C.   Saturday 
34 Armadale VS Perth   Saturday 
35 Balcatta VS Sorrento   Saturday 
36 Cockburn C. VS Floreat A.   Saturday 
37 Perth R. VS Bayswater C.   Saturday 
38 Inglewood U. VS Olympic K.   Saturday 
39 Perth G. VS Stirling L.   Saturday 
40 Broadmeadow VS Adamstown   Sunday
41 Cooks Hill U. VS Maitland   Saturday 
42 Edgeworth E. VS Valentine   Sunday
43 Lambton J. VS Charlestown   Saturday 
44 Newcastle O. VS N. Lambton   Saturday 
45 Weston W. VS L. Macquarie   Sunday
46 Monaro P. VS Tigers FC   Saturday 
47 O'Connor K. VS Canberra C.   Saturday 
48 Tugger Utd. VS Gungahlin U.   Sunday
49 W. Canberra W. VS Canberra O.   Saturday 
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1 Leichhardt VS Central Coast M.   Saturday 
2 Bulls A. VS Sydney O.   Saturday 
3 Marconi S. VS W. Sydney W.   Sunday
4 Mt Druitt T. VS Manly Utd.   Saturday 
5 St George C. VS Sydney FC.   Saturday 
6 Sutherland S. VS Blacktown C.   Saturday 
7 Sydney Utd. VS Rockdale C.   Sunday
8 Wollongong W. VS Spirit FC.   Sunday
9 Dunbar R. VS Rydalmere   Saturday 
10 Hills Utd. VS Mounties W.   Saturday 
11 Inter Lions VS Dulwich H.   Saturday 
12 SD Raiders VS Canterbury B.   Saturday 
13 St George FC. VS Northern T.   Saturday 
14 Eastern S. VS Sunshine C.W.   Sunday
15 Gold Coast K. VS Brisbane C.   Sunday
16 Gold Coast U. VS Lions FC   Saturday 
17 Moreton B. VS Redlands U.   Saturday 
18 Rochedale R. VS Brisbane R.   Saturday 
19 Bentleigh G. VS S. Melbourne   Saturday 
20 Dandenong T. VS N. Geelong W.   Saturday 
21 Hume C. VS Green Gully   Saturday 
22 Melbourne K. VS Moreland C.   Sunday
23 Pt Melbourne S. VS Oakleigh C.   Saturday 
24 St Albans S. VS Altona M.   Sunday
25 Armadale VS Bayswater C.   Saturday 
26 Balcatta VS Perth   Saturday 
27 Cockburn C. VS Stirling L.   Saturday 
28 Perth R. VS Inglewood U.   Saturday 
29 Floreat A. VS Sorrento   Saturday 
30 Perth G. VS Olympic K.   Saturday 
31 Adelaide C. VS White City   Saturday 
32 Adelaide O. VS Metro Stars   Saturday 
33 Adelaide U. VS Campbelltown C.   Saturday 
34 S. Adelaide VS Croydon K.   Saturday 
35 Sturt L. VS Modbury J.   Saturday 
36 W. Adelaide VS Ad Comets   Saturday 
37 Devonport C. VS Glenorchy K.   Saturday 
38 Launceston C. VS S. Hobart   Saturday 
39 Launceston U. VS Kingborough L.   Saturday 
40 Riverside O. VS Clarence Z.   Saturday 
41 Charlestown VS Newcastle O.   Saturday 
42 Cooks Hill U. VS N. Lambton   Saturday 
43 L. Macquaire VS Broadmeadow   Saturday 
44 Maitland VS Edgeworth E.   Saturday 
45 Weston W. VS Adamstown   Saturday 
46 Canberra O. VS Canberra C.   Saturday 
47 Tigers FC VS O.Connor K.   Saturday 
48 Gungahlin U. VS W. Canberra W.   Sunday
49 Tugger Utd. VS Monaro P.   Sunday

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